8:30 - 10:00AM

General Session – “REimagine the Future of Work”

Over the past decade, buildings have undergone an unprecedented transformation from traditional building systems to high-performance, technology-enabled facilities…. But that’s nothing compared to what’s ahead.

The IoT revolution is impacting every aspect of business – and it is causing a disruptive change in how we manage and operate buildings. More importantly, it’s changing the way the building interacts and responds to the needs of its occupants. With the ability to pull data from hundreds of thousands of devices and points, building management and operations have become highly data-driven and intelligent. This digitization of real estate is causing building owners and occupants to rethink their business strategy for energy management, sustainability, health and wellness, employee engagement, and space planning.

Our General Session panel will explore the business drivers, opportunities, and challenges they are facing in the new digital real estate environment. We’ll discuss the role of building owners and managers in responding to – and even causing – this change.

The 2017 Building Energy Summit kicks off with a bold vision of REimagining the way we design, build, and use today’s “digital facilities” – and the impact on the future of the workplace itself.

Quick Info

  • April 27, 2017
  • 8:30 - 10:00AM
  • Atrium Hall


Darlene Pope

Senior Vice President - Director, Smart Building Program