Michael Nicholus

Global Environment Director

Mike Nicholus is Accenture’s Global Environment Director. He is responsible for promoting programs to measure and manage the environment impact across Accenture’s operations in over 50 countries serving clients around the world. Collaborating with talented and passionate individuals selected from a 300,000+ global workforce, he drives Accenture’s global ISO 14001 strategy as well as broad operations programs designed to help Accenture deliver results for clients with progressively lower environmental impact.

Since joining Accenture in 1995, Mike has worked with clients across Communications, Financial Services and Resources industries. Before his current role, he led Accenture efforts, and advised clients toward, implementing telework programs to reduce environmental impact, drive employee engagement and improve financial results.

Mike graduated from the University of Illinois with a dual focus in Finance and Marketing and currently lives in Chicago. He has served on the Advisory Board for the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board and the Corporate Advisory Council for Chicago’s Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. He drives a hybrid with “LO CO2” on the license plate, and cultivates a small Praying Mantis army around his house as an alternative to toxic pesticides.