Patrick Ferguson

Associate Director, Energy Manager

Patrick Ferguson has been advising corporate real estate owners, managers, and tenants on long term energy management strategies for nearly a decade, and leverages his education in management, economics, and computer science to drive energy and operational cost reductions in his clients’ portfolios.  Most recently Patrick has provided strategy consulting exclusively to the Royal Bank of Canada with CBRE and now JLL.  Patrick’s strategic energy plan has RBC focused on becoming data centric in their pursuit of a 20% energy reduction target.  In support of this, Patrick’s strategies include an acute focus on designing a smart buildings program for both the retail banking and office use cases, and identifying the right allocation of resources and interconnected systems to provide the optimal business case for his client.  Patrick believes that The IoT will revolutionize the way in which corporate real estate is managed, but also believes that each organization will have to determine where and how they fit into the changing paradigm, and that early and effective adopters will enjoy a competitive advantage.  Patrick brings practical experience in testing and implementing IoT strategies in the real world and believes that enabling practical solutions to common problems in real estate portfolios is the best chance for IoT to accelerate towards the tipping point in industry adoption.